Club Competition

Club Competition 2019

Date: Sunday 8th December 2019 at Whittlesford

Entries close: 2019-12-01

Entry ages: 3 years +

The annual club competition this year was the first at our new centre and consisted of gymnasts of all abilities and ages bouncing for titles in their group.

As usual the day started off with the traditional coaches ego shield where all the L1 and above coaches compete for bragging rights. James Able was defending his town from last year but was narrowly pipped to the title but I tired and busy Ali who claimed the shield for his second time ever!

We then opened the main individual competitions from club 0 to FIG. There were many exceptional performances from our veterans including Alex Radford, Anaabelle Hacker and Molly McGregor. Many gymnasts also had their first taste of competition and did exceptionally well. Some of the great results for them included Luke Grimes, Millie Rowlandson and Cora McGregor. DE Photo were on hand and you can see and purchase their images on their website (password is "cangaroos").

In the gap during results we had music from a local band kindly organised by Graham Spence and there was many a cheer as the first round of medals were handed out. Following the resutls we completed hte individual competition and moved onto the synchro.

The fancy dress synchro is a great event every year. Gymnasts will compete in pairs on adjacent trampolines trying to do the same routine at the same time. The twist at Cangaroos is some pairs will be in fancy dress and the best costume also gets a prize. This year the winners of the competition were Molly and Rhiannon with a storming routine. The best dressed award went to the mario Spences and the pair of Cora and Elsa.

And that concluded our 2019 compeition. We wish to thank all our volunteers, coaches, judges, stall helpers, DE Photo, supportive parents, band members and chefs. It was a busy day and a tad chaotic at points. Next year we'll make it more awesome and we welcome your feedback of how this year went.

Should you wish to compete in the regional events please let your coach know and we will get them entered into one of our upcoming competitions.

DE Photos from the day

Photos from DE photo are now available online on the DE Photo Website. The password is "cangaroos".


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Ali Macrae16.7009.3260000000000261 view
James Able16.1009.525.6000000000025.62 view
Laura Able15.3009.825.1000000000025.13 view
Sam Robin15.1009.424.5000000000024.54 view
Tony Fagelman14.2009.323.5000000000023.55 view
Jo Costin13.5009.322.8000000000022.86 view
13+ girls Club 0
Madison Hall14.1009.823.914.6009.824.40000048.31 view
Olivia Newey14009.723.714.6009.824.40000048.12 view
U9 boys Club 0
Reuben Webster15009.824.815.2009.925.10000049.91 view
Will Johnson12.7009.221.912.5009.121.60000043.52 view
U9 girls Club 0
Lucia Rollins14.5001024.515.3001025.30000049.81 view
Cora McGregor1500102514.8009.924.70000049.72 view
Elsa Monie14.7009.924.615.1009.9250000049.63 view
Madeleine Ketteridge13.6009.923.514.7009.9250000048.54 view
Anusha Hodskinson13.7001023.713.6009.923.50000047.25 view
Holly Spence13.4009.823.214009.823.800000476 view
Esme Geoghan13.3009.322.614009.523.50000046.17 view
Elise Totton13.1009.422.512.5009.5220000044.58 view
boys Club 1
Monty Burrell13.2009.722.914.5009.724.20000047.11 view
9-10 girls Club 1
Daisy Jones14.7009.924.614.2009.8240000048.61 view
U9 girls Club 1
Madeleine Hincks15.2001025.214.6009.924.50000049.71 view
Esme Rowlandson12.800921.814.3001024.30000046.12 view
11+ girls Club 2
Jane Wilkey15.1009.92514.6009.924.50000049.51 view
9-10 boys Club 2
Alistair Meadows14.7009.824.515.2009.925.10000049.61 view
U11 girls Club 2
Cleo Monie14.1001024.114.5001024.50000048.61 view
Sadie Rollins14.1009.92414.5009.924.40000048.42 view
Naomi Mevzos13.3009.823.113.4001023.40000046.53 view
11-12 boys Club 3
Luke Grimes13.5009.723.214.7009.724.40000047.61 view
Jack Baskeyfield13.7009.523.214.1009.823.90000047.12 view
Oscar Burrell12.8009.722.58.7005.914.60000037.13 view
11-13 girls Club 3
Jasmine Moore14.3009.423.714.3009.824.10000047.81 view
Grace Offin14.1009.223.313.8009.623.40000046.72 view
13+ boys Club 3
Cameron Spence15.4009.725.115.5009.925.40000050.51 view
Matis Candotti14.9009.624.514.2009.8240000048.52 view
Alex Radford12.4008.721.113.4008.922.30000043.43 view
13+ girls Club 3
Millie Rowlandson16.1009.825.913.8009.823.60000049.51 view
Saffron Venning14.4009.523.914.8009.624.40000048.32 view
Nuala Bassett12.1007.819.913.6009.623.20000043.13 view
U11 girls Club 3
Freya Carter15.2009.82515009.924.90000049.91 view
Ettolle Martin14.9009.724.615009.824.80000049.42 view
Evie Haggett13.6009.723.315.6009.725.30000048.63 view
Bryony O'Connel13.7009.623.314.7009.824.50000047.84 view
Fiona Presland13.8009.723.513.9009.723.60000047.15 view
boys FIG
James Able16.1009.425.515.110.70934.80000060.31 view
Gabriel Strydom-Green16.5009.425.915.78.108.832.60000058.52 view
girls FIG
Sam Robin15.300924.314.9009.424.30000048.61 view
Sydney Kelly6.70039.700000000009.72 view
11+ boys NDP 1
Stuart Holland15.4009.925.314.5009.824.30000049.61 view
Jake Grimes14009.823.814.1009.8523.950000047.752 view
13+ girls NDP 1
Jocelyn Fleet16.8009.826.615.9009.625.50000052.11 view
Freya Martin14.9009.624.515.3009.825.10000049.62 view
Reese Grimes4.5002.97.413.9009.423.30000030.73 view
9-12 girls NDP 1
Annabelle Hacker16009.925.915.8009.825.60000051.51 view
Isla Cowling15.3008.924.217.1009.826.90000051.12 view
Freya Humphreys15.2009.82515.3009.424.70000049.73 view
Nina Smith14009.623.614.7009.724.400000484 view
girls NDP 2
Lily Carter16.8009.426.216.2009.8260000052.21 view
Imogen O'Connell15.8009.425.215.9009.825.70000050.92 view
Millie Brown15.7009.625.311.2007.618.80000044.13 view
Jo Costin13.8009.723.511.400920.40000043.94 view
girls NDP 3
Amélie Hacker16.4001026.416.6001026.600000531 view
11-12 boys NDP 3
Benjamin Spence16009.6525.6515.3009.5524.850000050.51 view
11+ girls NDP 4
Molly McGregor17.2009.82716.3009.425.70000052.71 view
Rhiannon Monie16.5009.826.316.2009.625.80000052.12 view
Lexi Hanson14.6009.223.8200240000027.83 view
13+ boys NDP 4
Henry Ashton15.6009.42514.5008.823.30000048.31 view
15+ girls NDP 5
Gemma White15009.124.114.6009.223.80000047.91 view
Sophie Ralph15009.224.215.5007.422.90000047.12 view
girls NDP 6
Macy Dexter15.5009.625.116.2009.625.80000050.91 view


Partner 1Partner 2 Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Molly McGregorRhiannon Monie16.7001026.7000000000026.71
Jessica Lenderyou Sam Robin15.8009.725.5000000000025.52
Joanna CostinSam Robin15.4009.6250000000000253
Amélie HackerRhiannon Monie15.4009.524.9000000000024.94
Natasha FarrIsabella Jacobs15.1009.824.9000000000024.94
Jocelyn FleetLaura Able15.4009.524.9000000000024.94
Benjamin SpenceCameron Spence15.4009.124.5000000000024.57
Francoise LucasIsla Cowling15.1009.324.4000000000024.48
Macy DexterCleo Monie14.8008.723.5000000000023.510
Elsa MonieCora McGregor14.6007.922.5000000000022.511
Jake GrimesReese Grimes10006.716.7000000000016.712
Alasdair MacraeSydney Kelly3.5001.85.300000000005.313

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Saturday 7th December 2019 18:00 - 21:00 Setup
Sunday 8th December 2019 10:00 - 18:00 Competition