Hemel Hempstead Open

Hemel Hempstead Open 2021

Date: Sunday 31st October 2021 at Hemel Hempstead

Entries close: 2021-10-03

Entry ages: 6 years +

It was a rainy Sunday morning on Halloween as the Cangaroos team arrived at the Everyone Active Sports Centre in Hemel Hempstead. This was the return to competitive trampolining for the Easter Region and Cangaroos had a whopping 16 entries ready to show off the routines they had been practicing.

With those gymnasts came supportive parents, helpers, coaches and judges. The club as always wishes to extend our thanks to all our helpers including marshal Graham, judges Ella and Jane and coaches Tony and Ali.

The morning kicked off with the TPD competion with Isa up first. This was Isa's first competion and she performed really well and started our day off with a gold medal coming 1st in the under 15 category - huge congratulations!

Following Isa was Cleo (the first of the the three sisters competing today) in the Club 3 category. Cleo scored really well in a tough group narrowly missing out on a medal coming 4th! Immediately after Cleo was Poppy competing in Level 3 and she securely completed both routines in another tough group to finish 15th.

Next up was Albie, his practices were a little hit and miss but on his first routine he had one of the highest execution scores of the day but a mistake in his second routine saw him drop to 4th - but a huge positive step forwards! Cora followed Albie, and despite a slight mistake in her first routine recoverd in her second to finish 3rd and another medal for Cangaroos!

After a short break, it was the turn of our 15-16 level 4 girls team of Rhiannon, Molly and Lilia. All three are experienced competitors with Lilia only recently joining Cangaroos. All of them performed exceptionally well in a high level group with Rhiannon coming 5th, Molly 3rd and Lilia 1st - resulting in a 1st place team result too! Lilia's execution scores in her first routine was the 5th highest ever in the current format for the club - huge well done!

After the level 4 team another new Cangaroo (and also one of our judges for the day) Ella was competing also in level 4. She was replaced on the panel by Ali and as a former national competitior was eager to get back into competing. She compelted both routines finishing an admirable 5th! Huge well done Ella!

Next up was Jake in the level 2 category - this was Jake's first competition at this level and despite a couple of mistakes still came home with a medal finishing 3rd - whilst he may have been dissapointed the club continues to be proud of all gymnasts who are able to get on a trampoline to compete infront of the judges and crowd - keep your head up Jake!

Elsa, followed Jake in Club 2 and this was her first time at a regional level competion. She held her nerve with two perfect 10s in HD score and secured a 3rd place (along with joint 1st spot in the club HD record).

It was then a flurry of competitors in many different groups. First up, Benjamin secured 1st place at level 4 - his 12th medal for Cangaroos! At the same time Lily came 3rd also in level 4 with two consistent routines and Lucas in his first competition came 1st in Level 1.

Finally, it was Esme and Freya in Level 1. Two strong routines from both girls saw them secure 2nd and 3rd - another fantastic result for them and the club!

As the competition came to a close and our judges finished the day the coaches looked back on a busy but very successful day for the club! Despite some blips it takes a lot of courage to perform a routine under pressure and we are so very proud of you all. You all form the basis of why we love turning up and supporting you all day. To all the parents who made the journey out to cheer your gymnasts and the club on we salute you too and hope to see you at the next one!

See you on the flip side!!!!


Name Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
TPD U15 girls
Iza Moultrie9.90009.913.31.10014.40000024.31 view
13-14 girls Club 3
Cleo Monie14.1009.823.914.3009.623.90000047.84 view
7-10 girls Club 3
Elsa Monie13.4001023.413.7001023.70000047.13 view
9-10 girls Club 3
Cora McGregor6.800511.814.2009.623.80000035.63 view
9-10 girls Level 1
Esme Rowlandson15.6010.1159.735.41513.82.510.169.636.060000071.4752 view
Freya Carter14.909.39.533.714.32.59.2259.435.4250000069.1253 view
9-12 boys Level 1
Lucas Coleman-Denny15009.724.714.82.59.439.836.530000061.231 view
15+ boys Level 2
Jake Grimes3.803.6952.610.09511.52.99.6958.232.2950000042.393 view
15+ boys Level 3
Albie Vaughan16.7013.11039.8134.111.7958.537.3950000077.1954 view
15+ girls Level 3
Poppy Budd15.4011.229.335.9215.14.111.3359.339.8350000075.75515 view
11-12 girls Level 4
Lily Carter15.1011.1759.635.87514.54.610.759.138.950000074.8253 view
15-16 boys Level 4
Benjamin Spence15.2013.2259.638.02515.65.913.359.143.950000081.9751 view
15-16 girls Level 4
Lilia Kearney17.4013.641041.0416. 1view
Molly McGregor15.9012.229.737.8215.65.312.289.642.780000080.63 1view
Rhiannon Monie15.7011.289.836.7816.55.311.859.743.350000080.135 1view
17+ girls Level 4
Ella Lovelock16012.159.337.4516.15.211.9259.242.4250000079.8755 view

Competition dates

Date Time Details
Sunday 31st October 2021 09:00 - 17:00