Club Records

The following are a list of records set by members of the Cangaroos trampoline club while at Cangaroos in competition. Please note competition records do not include the schools competitions as not all members are eligible to enter these.

Competition Records Drill Records Other Records

Competition Records

Highest Form Score (before HD)
# Member Value Competition
1Trinity Kelly26.7Club Competition 2015
2Sydney Kelly26.5Regional Team Finals 2017
3Laurence Halfpenny25.9Club Competition 2015
=Matt Burson25.9Spring Event Series 2 2016
5Luis Pires25.6Club Competition 2015
=Gabe Strydom-Green25.6Regional Team Finals 2016
7Macy Dexter25.4Regional Team Finals 2016
8Zach Goggin25.3Saffron Walden Grading 2013
=Amelie Fawcett25.3Club Competition 2014
10Mila Feldman25.1Brentwood Grading 2013
Highest Form Score (with HD)
# Member Value Competition
1James Able17.8English Championships Q2 2018
=Sydney Kelly17.8NDP Regional 1 2018
3Matt Burson17.7Club Competition 2017
4Gabe Strydom-Green17.6English Championships 2018
5Luis Pires17.1Club Competition 2017
6Abhi Macdonald Marlow16.9English Championships Q2 2018
=Ali Macrae16.9NDP Regional 1 2018
8Zach Goggin16.8Club Competition 2017
9Gracie Underwood16.7Club Competition 2017
10Ella Garrard16.6NDP Regional 2 2019
Highest HD Score (first two routines)
# Member Value Competition
1Katie Macdonald20Club Competition 2017
=Lily Carter20Club Competition 2017
=Kirsty Thorne20Club Competition 2018
=Issy Drokov20Club Competition 2018
=Oscar Munnelly20Club Competition 2018
6Lucia Rollins19.95Club Competition 2018
=Jane Wilkey19.95NDP Regional 3 2019
8Coireall Marlow19.9Club Competition 2017
9Isla Grace Cowling19.85Club Competition 2017
=Liam Whistler19.85NDP Regional 1 2017
Highest TOF Score
# Member Value Competition
1Matt Burson16.33National League Event 3 2015
2Luis Pires16.07South East Gala 2013
3Ali Macrae15.8North Gala 2013
4Zach Goggin15.45Spring Event Series 1 2018
5Gabe Strydom-Green15.09English Championships 2018
6James Able15.04Spring Event Series 1 2018
7Abhi Macdonald Marlow14.75Spring Event Series 2 2018
8Trinity Kelly14.3National League Event 2 2016
9Myffy Cairns14.2South West Gala 1 2013
10Harry Mallows13.94National League Event 3 2015
Highest Tarif
# Member Value Competition
1Matt Burson11.7English Championships Q1 2018
2James Able11.6English Championships Q1 2019
3Zach Goggin9.7English Championships Q1 2018
4Ali Macrae9.1Sheffield Gala 2015
5Gabe Strydom-Green8.6English Championships 2017
6Luis Pires8.3Hitchin Grading 2015
7Abhi Macdonald Marlow8.2Spring Event Series 2 2018
8Nat Whittingham8Cangaroos Club Competition 2012
9Laurence Halfpenny7.5Hitchin Grading 2015
10Myffy Cairns6.8Cangaroos Club Competition 2013
Most competitions entered
# Member Value
1Sydney Kelly55
2Abhi Macdonald Marlow46
3Gabe Strydom-Green45
4Zach Goggin44
5Ali Macrae38
6Macy Dexter33
7Matt Burson29
8Lexi Marlow27
=Luis Pires27
10Jane Wilkey23

Drill Records

10 bounces
Member Value Date
Matt Burson22.252016-03-11
Luis Pires21.712018-02-02
Zach Goggin21.022018-11-06
Laurence Halfpenny20.632015-05-15
James Able20.42019-06-14
Ali Macrae20.312015-02-27
Trinity Kelly19.882016-03-11
Harry Mallows19.852015-10-09
Andrew Aistrup19.662014-04-04
Gabe Strydom-Green19.572017-10-20
10 Bounces X
Member Value Date
Luis Pires21.032014-03-07
Matt Burson19.222014-10-17
Laurence Halfpenny19.132014-12-05
Mila Feldman18.52015-01-16
Ali Macrae18.222014-01-10
Ashlea Bucke18.12015-11-13
Taranne Kendon18.12014-02-07
Zach Goggin17.972014-05-23
Trinity Kelly17.732015-01-09
Aaliyah Kinnley17.562015-10-16
30 bounces
Member Value Date
Matt Burson63.572017-05-19
Luis Pires61.732014-01-10
James Able59.172019-06-21
Zach Goggin59.142017-03-31
Laurence Halfpenny58.682015-02-27
Ali Macrae58.252014-01-10
Gabe Strydom-Green55.552017-11-03
Harry Mallows55.022015-10-09
Sydney Kelly54.712017-10-28
Aaliyah Kinnley54.72015-12-18
Shape Jumps
Member Value Date
Luis Pires21.442014-03-14
Laurence Halfpenny20.262015-04-17
Matt Burson20.212015-04-17
Ali Macrae19.782014-12-05
Zach Goggin19.152015-01-16
Mila Feldman18.732015-05-08
James Able18.032017-09-15
Harry Mallows17.852015-09-25
Aaliyah Kinnley17.852015-09-25
Sydney Kelly17.812016-07-01
Member Value Date
Luis Pires20.092014-03-14
Matt Burson19.492015-05-15
Ali Macrae19.062014-01-10
Laurence Halfpenny18.572015-01-23
Zach Goggin18.362018-01-26
James Able17.882018-05-04
Mila Feldman17.632015-01-16
Gabe Strydom-Green17.522018-05-04
Aaliyah Kinnley17.112017-02-03
Harry Mallows17.12014-05-16

Other Records

Hours trained
# Member Value
1Matt Burson1290
2Zach Goggin1142.5
3Mila Feldman947
4Sydney Kelly912
5Abhi Macdonald Marlow905
6Felicity Lawrence881
7Gabe Strydom-Green745.5
8Aaliyah Kinnley740
9Macy Dexter704.5
10Ali Macrae655
Hours coached
# Member Value
1Luis Pires2146
2Francoise Lucas2103.5
3Tony Fagelman2090
4Ali Macrae1536
5Scott Kinnley1035.5
6Nicky Andersen709.5
7Laura Able638
8Grace Pike422.5
9Kim Pearson368
10Andrew Aistrup266
Consecutive back landing to front landings
Member Score Details
Alex Radford5
Euan Jacob Mackenzie4
Consecutive cat twists
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin150
Ali Macrae61
Matt Burson45
Luis Pires34
Consecutive Dolphoin Rolls
Member Score Details
Matt Burson9
Gabe Strydom-Green9
Luis Pires6
Ali Macrae4
Highest number of consecutive cradles
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin42
Ali Macrae11
Bronwyn Ann Caine5
Lilly Goodbrand3
Highest number of consecutive swivel hips
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin100
Laurence Halfpenny69
Luis Pires65
Ali Macrae48
Tony Fagelman40
Catherine Peck31
Matt Burson30
Mila Feldman28
Albie Vaughan25
Chloe Rollins23
Highest squat jump to platform
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin116
Ali Macrae107
James Able103
Highest tarif skill completed
Member Score Details
James Able1.7Triffus
Nat Whittingham1.6Triple bounce roll
Matt Burson1.5Full in 1/2 out piked
Zach Goggin1.5Rudy out piked
Gabe Strydom-Green1.41/2 in 1/2 out piked
Abhi Macdonald Marlow1.3Rudy out tucked
Ali Macrae1.3Rudy out (t)
Luis Pires1.3Rudy out (t)
Sydney Kelly1.2double back piked
Macy Dexter0.81n3
Most baranis in 30 seconds
Member Score Details
Matt Burson34
Zach Goggin34
Abhi Macdonald Marlow33
Ali Macrae33
Gabe Strydom-Green32
Mason Mezola Kilby31
Tobias Robert Chapman29
Katherine Peck9
Most cat twists in one bounce
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin5
Matt Burson3
Ali Macrae2
Most consecutive back kabooms
Member Score Details
Gabe Strydom-Green5
Most consecutive backward Cody rolls
Member Score Details
Max Fagelman15
James Able13
Matt Burson12
Luis Pires12
Gabe Strydom-Green6
Most consecutive backwards bounce rolls
Member Score Details
James Able14
Ali Macrae7
Sydney Kelly6
Zach Goggin5
Matt Burson4
Orla Catharine Kennedy4
James Alexander Billson2
Albie Vaughan2
Luis Pires2
Most consecutive double cat twists
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin8
Most consecutive double forwards bounce rolls
Member Score Details
Nat Whittingham6
Ali Macrae3
Most consecutive forward bounce rolls
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin69
Nat Whittingham50
Ali Macrae42
Tony Fagelman37
Matt Burson28
Katherine Peck3
Most consecutive forward cody rolls
Member Score Details
James Able3
Ali Macrae2
Abhi Macdonald Marlow1
Most consecutive forward sommersaults
Member Score Details
Abhi Macdonald Marlow18
Gabe Strydom-Green13
Luis Pires4
Catherine Peck2
Most consecutive forwards full twisting bounce rolls
Member Score Details
Matt Burson10
Tony Fagelman9
Zach Goggin3
Most consecutive forwards kabooms
Member Score Details
Abhi Macdonald Marlow5
Most consecutive full backs
Member Score Details
Gabe Strydom-Green18
Most consecutive full twisting Cody roll
Member Score Details
Matt Burson9
Most consecutive half turntables
Member Score Details
Ali Macrae22
Dave Holland9
Most consecutive log rolls
Member Score Details
Luis Pires13
Ali Macrae1
Most consecutive Rudys
Member Score Details
Abhi Macdonald Marlow7
Ali Macrae5
Most consecutive seat landing to front landing
Member Score Details
Alex Radford50
Stuart John Holland19
Stuart John Holland19
Jo Costin11
Amélie Hacker8
Annabelle Hacker5
Cleo Monie3
Felix William Hincks1
Most consecutive side somersaults
Member Score Details
Zach Goggin7
Abhi Macdonald Marlow3
James Able2
Most twisting cradle
Member Score Details
James Able2.5
Ali Macrae1.5
Most twists in single sommersault
Member Score Details
James Able3
Taranne Kendon2
Matt Burson1.5
Ali Macrae1.5
Most twists into seat landing
Member Score Details
Abhi Macdonald Marlow3
Lexi Marlow2
Gemma White2
Ali Macrae1.5
Most twists out of seat landing
Member Score Details
Abhi Macdonald Marlow1.5
Springs and clips broken during training
Member Score Details
Ali Macrae14
Matt Burson10
Luis Pires8
Zach Goggin7
Gabe Strydom-Green4
Aaliyah Kinnley2
James Able2
Macy Dexter1
Abhi Macdonald Marlow1
Ellie Dimond1