Record Highest tarif skill completed

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Highest tarif skill completed
Member Score Details
James Richard Able1.7Triffus
Nat Whittingham1.6Triple bounce roll
Matthew Burson1.5Full in 1/2 out piked
Zachary Jonathan Goggin1.5Rudy out piked
Joshua McSweeney1.5Rudy-out piked
Gabriel Thomas Strydom-Green1.41/2 in 1/2 out piked
Ali Macrae1.3Rudy out (t)
Luis Pires1.3Rudy out (t)
Abhi Macdonald Marlow1.3Rudy out tucked
Sydney Kelly1.2double back piked
Nicola Bannister1.1Half out tucked
Catherine Peck0.81n3
Aaliyah Kinnley0.81n3
Macy Dexter0.81n3
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