Spring Training Sessions

The Cangaroos have a large number of training sessions spread across all our centres. We accept bouncers of all ages but as a general rule only take children over 4 years old. All regular trampoline training sessions are coached against the BG Proficiency Award scheme.

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Details and Prices

For further details including prices please see our faq or contact us via our contact page.

Trampolinist jumping outside

Current Sessions (Spring)

Listed below are the sessions running for the current term. Click a session to see the dates it is running and who the coaches are.

Name Centre Day Time Ages Coaches Dates
CM1 CRC mon 17:00-18:00 4 - 16 Ali, Luis, Bronnie, Joel View Dates
CM2 CRC mon 18:00-19:00 4 - Adult Ali, Luis, Joel, Bronnie View Dates
CM3 CRC mon 19:00-20:00 6 - Adult Ali, Luis, Joel View Dates
ST1 Sawston tue 18:30-19:30 6 - 16 Tony, Ali, Luis, Mike, Scott, George View Dates
ST2 Sawston tue 19:30-20:30 7 - Adult Tony, Luis, Francoise, Mike, Scott View Dates
ST3 Sawston tue 20:30-21:30 12 - Adult Tony, Ali, Luis View Dates
CW1 CRC wed 18:30-20:00 6 - Adult Laura, Luis, Wendy View Dates
SWT1 Saffron Walden thu 18:15-19:15 6 - 16 Francoise, Scott, Sydney View Dates
SWT2 Saffron Walden thu 19:15-20:15 6 - 16 Francoise, Scott, Aaliyah View Dates
SS1 Sawston sat 09:00-10:00 4 - 16 Tony, Laura, Francoise, Nicky, Neil, View Dates
SS2 Sawston sat 10:00-11:00 4 - 16 Francoise, Nicky, Neil, Scott View Dates
SS3 Sawston sat 11:00-12:00 4 - Adult Francoise, Nicky, Scott, Aaliyah View Dates
SS4 Sawston sat 12:00-13:00 10 - Adult Tony View Dates
SS5 Sawston sat 13:00-14:00 10 - Adult Tony View Dates

DMT Sessions

We also run sessions for performers wishing to try or compete Double Mini Trampoline.

We are not currently running any of these sessions for this season. Please contact us for further details.

Disability Sessions

For bouncers with physical and mental disabilities and difficulties we also offer sessions more focussed towards their needs.

Name Centre Day Time Ages Coaches Dates
SD1 Sawston sat 12:00-13:00 5 - Adult Nicky View Dates

Squad Sessions

The squad sessions are by invitation only and are for the purpose of developing competitive trampolinists. Please see our squad training guide for further details.

Name Centre Day Time Ages Coaches Dates
SF2 Sawston fri 19:00-21:00 6 - Adult Tony, Laura, Francoise, Scott View Dates
ES1 Sawston sat 10:00-12:00 7 - Adult Tony, Laura View Dates

Conditioning Sessions

Additionally we also run conditioning sessions that are available to everyone to come and have a go. These sessions are also highly encouraged for all our squad members.

We are not currently running any of these sessions for this season. Please contact us for further details.

For any further questions please see our FAQ.

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