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The Cangaroos is both a recreational and competitive trampoline gymnastics club formed in 2004. We coach members through the BG recognised awards schemes and competitions grades ensuring a safe but fun progression.

Our members are given the option to compete at regional, national and international competitions around the country and continent. We also perform demos at public events during the summer including The Big Weekend and The Shelford Feast. The club is fully inclusive having a number of members with special needs who attend club sessions with everyone else. There are also separate sessions for children with special needs if they prefer.

A gymnast performing a forwards sommersault
Two gymnasts bouncing in a fancy dress costumes

So what is trampolining?

Trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline.

These can include simple jumps in the pike, tuck or straddle position to more complex combinations of forward or backward somersaults and twists. It is suitable for adults and children of all abilities and is know to be anecdotally one of the best workouts you can have..

So who are you?

The Cambridge Cangaroos is formed by a committee of dedicated volunteers and delivered by our awesome coaches!

We also have qualified judges who support us for regional and national competitions!

Cambridge Cangaroos

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