Jo Costin

Jo Costin

Individual Results

Competition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Cambridge Open 2019SUTL 4 girls 12.4009.421.88.20.906.415.50000037.328 view
NDP Regional 1 201813+ girls NDP 1000000000000000030 5view
Club Competition 2017Adult NDP 114.7009.824.51.3000.82.10000026.64 view
Club Competition 201613+ girls NDP 216.50016.520.30020.9000037.46 view
Club Competition 2015Over 13 girls NDP 13003.620.80021.40000254 view
Cambridge Grading 2015Over 17 girls NDP 118.90019.519.80020.4000039.92 view
Club Competition 201411+ girls NDP 120.90020.917.20017.2000038.15 view

Synchro Results

PartnerCompetition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos.
E H D S Total E H T S Total E H T S Total
Sam RobinClub Competition 2018Fancy Dress 7.30019.226.5000000000026.54
Sam RobinClub Competition 2017Fancy Dress 7.49.8501936.25000000000036.254
Bronwyn CaineClub Competition 2017Fancy Dress 6.5901328.5000000000028.59
Bronwyn CaineClub Competition 2016Fancy Dress 10.6012.122.70000000022.714

Drill Scores

The graphs below plot the results from timed drills during sessions. Drills are used to improve a gymnast's basic technique with regarding to height and control. The higher the time the better.

10 bounces

10 Bounces X

30 bounces

Shape Jumps