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About Tony

Curent Head coach at Cangaroos, HPC qualified. Tutor and Assessor up to Level 3 M4. Former International performer. First ever world-record holder for consecutive somersaults (150 if you must know). rnBeen in the sport for almost 50 years now and still love it as much now as I did when I first started. rnI love going round the country at Competitions and Finals and seeing old friends still in the sport, giving back to the younger generation the love and commitment that we received from our coaches. rnI also enjoy tutoring the next generation of coaches, instilling in them the qualities and knowledge to produce trampolinists of all abilities.

Did you know?

Tony has scored 37 in the record:

Most consecutive forward bounce rolls

Tony has scored 9 in the record:

Most consecutive forwards full twisting bounce rolls

Tony has scored 40 in the record:

Highest number of consecutive swivel hips
Previous Most consecutive forward bounce rollsMost consecutive forwards full twisting bounce rollsHighest number of consecutive swivel hips

Tony's Results

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Individual Synchro DMT Drills

Individual Results

Competition Group Set Vol Final Total Pos. View
E D T H Total E D T H Total E D T H Total
Club Competition 2019COACH 14.2009.323.5000000000023.55 view
Club Competition 2017Coaches 14.4009.2523.65000000000023.654 view
Club Competition 2016Coaches 22.60022.60000000022.64 view
Club Competition 2015Coaches 22.50022.50000000022.53 view
Club Competition 2014COACHES 23.20023.20000000023.23 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2013Coaches 17.90017.90000000017.96 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2012COACHES 21.80021.80000000021.84 view
Cangaroos Club Competition 2011COACHES 22.50022.50000000022.53 view
The Brentwood Grading 2011Over 19 boys Regional D19.80019.819.45024.4000044.22 view
Easton Open 2009Over 15 boys Regional D23002318.66.7025.3000048.34 view
Brentwood Open 2008 boys Regional E22002221.33.6024.9000046.93 view

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