Cangaroos reopens 12th April

Cangaroos reopens 12th April

Date: Saturday 27th February 2021 - Monday 12th April 2021 at Whittlesford

The Cambridge Cangaroos are thrilled to announce we are planning to reopen from Monday 12th April.

Please note this date is subject to change based off the goverment guidance so please be sure to check back for updates!

All members with current direct debits should return to their regular sessions - please ensure you have active British Gymnastics membership!

Please ensure you have an active direct debit in place and any arrears have been paid or the ticket will be cancelled.

All members wishing to change sessions need to contact us before changing to ensure availability.

It is now our understanding that the adult only class will resume alongside regular sessions subject to strict COVID guidelines.

Invoicing Update

With the return to training on 12th April we hope to make this months payment straight forward.

Cangaroos did not want to just turn on the Direct Debits, otherwise, you would have been overcharged for the month. Therefore, you will receive a supplementary invoice for Aprils fees and the regular direct debits have been set to collect in May as usual.

We will pro-rata the charges accordingly based on an average 4.5 week month. Eg. if you have one session per week you will charged £17.66 for April. (26.50 / 4.5) * 3 = £17.66

Providing you have your Direct Debit set up, these will automatically collect on 16th of April.