BG Membership

BG Membership


All gymnasts and coaches at Cangaroos are now required to register directly with British Gymnastics in order to attend our sessions.

The process is pretty simple and is done online through the British Gymnastics Website.

Amongst other things the memberships includes insurance for the gymnast / coach and is essentially before a member can bounce after their taster session.

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The club is in the Eastern region and all non-coaching bouncers need to register as a gymnast.

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Updating BG Membership Details

If you need to change your BG Membership details you can do so by following the same link as before and re-completing the form. The system shouldm pick up your previous details and thus not charge you.

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Have BG Membership already

If you have BG Membership already through another club you need to add Cambridge Cangaroos as a secondary club.

Proceed through the same flow as if you are registering or renewing until you enter the chose club screen then add Cambridge Cangaroos as a secondary club.

Add Secondary Club
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Club Membership

We no longer charge a club membership fee.