We understand that trampolining can be very confusing to first-time participants and therefore this area aims to help answer some of those questions. Click a question to view the answer.

What are the club fees and how much does it cost?

All our fees for sessions and membership can be seen on our BookWhen Portal.

What is British Gymnastics membership?

On order to be insured to participate in trampolining you must be a member of British Gymnastics. Details can be found on our membership page.

How do I pay?

All payments are taken through our BookWhen Portal.

What do I need to wear?

Is there a multi-session discount?

No this has now been removed but we have also removed the need for club membership.

I would like to come for a taster what do I need to do?

At present we do not offer taster sessions before joining the club. This is to protect our running costs due to issues in the past.

If you want to try out jumping with us before joining please check out our holiday sessions over summer.

How do I secure a place on a session for myself / sibling?

Please head to our join page and fill out the form.

What are the ability levels of your sessions?

All sessions (apart from the squad sessions) are for all abilities. We may group performes of certain ability together inside a session to aid their learning experience.

I would like to get more involved in the club - how can I help out the committee?

We are always keen for extra pairs of hands to help out with the club. The committee meets monthly to organise events, training, competitions etc. If you would like to apply for a currently held position please drop us an email at info@cangaroos.org and we will put your forward for a vote at the next AGM (usually around June).

If you believe you would like to help in an area we have not thought of then please email us - we always appreciate extra help!

I would like to get involved with coaching - how do I do this?

To coach at one of our sessions you must have at least attended our Session Helper class or hold a current BG Coach Level. You will also need a current CRB/DBS and British Gymnastics Membership. We are always happy to accept new coaches or train new ones. Apart from our session helper courses all other courses are organised by British Gymnastics so please drop us an email if you are intrested to info@cangaroos.org.

Can I pay adhoc if I can’t make every session?

At present this is not an option

If I join part-way through a term do I have to pay the full term fees?

No, you will only pay for however many sessions are left in the term.

What are the holiday sessions?

Holiday sessions are run across the summer holidays in August and are pay as you go on the night. Places cannot be guaranteed and places must be booked in advance